The National GBV & Health Research Programme has been developed to support NHS Boards with the implementation of GBV Action Plans.

Current  Research

  • Methods of Routine Enquiry – Domestic Abuse

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of computer assisted routine enquiry when compared to face to face enquiry in maternity and mental health services.

 Methods of Routine Enquiry – Domestic Abuse.

  • Domestic Abuse Intervention for Community Nurses

This study will develop and test the effectiveness of an intervention for community nurses working with women experiencing domestic abuse.  We are currently developing the study proposal.  For more information please contact

  Scoping Gender-Based Violence and Health Research.

 If you are currently involved in health services research focussing on gender-based violence or if you think that GBV issues can be incorporated in your research work please contact us.

  Clare McFeely, Research Manager. or on 0141 249 6581

Scottish GBV Research Network

Scottish GBV Research Network

Further Reading

To find out more about gender-based violence and health the following papers may be of interest.

Further Reading

Support for Survivors

If you are looking for support for your own experiences of GBV you can call:

Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline
0800 027 1234

Rape Crisis Scotland
08088 010302

or click on:

Scottish Womens Aid

Survivor Scotland

Galop National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline


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