Health Boards

Role of local health boards

As part of the implementation of the CEL on Gender Based Violence and the Public Sector Duty for Gender, your health board should have an identified lead to help staff address gender based violence and direct you towards training and further information.

Your health board is represented on the local Violence Against Women Training Consortium. Training for health staff may also be available through the consortium.

Health board objectives

  • Implement the GBV employee PIN policy
  • Implement routine enquiry within the 6 priority areas in all territorial Health Boards
  • Ensure staff awareness of their responsibilities towards Forced Marriage and Human Trafficking

Gender Based Violence Employee PIN Policy

This NHSScotland PIN Policy aims to support a reduction in the risk to staff of gender based violence and to ensure that appropriate action is taken where incidents of gender based violence occur or where allegations are raised. PIN Policies are developed nationally in partnership between NHSScotland employers, trade unions/professional organisations and Scottish Government. They set a minimum standard which Boards’ local employment policies must either meet or exceed.

Find out what is happening in your area

Support for Survivors

If you are looking for support for your own experiences of GBV you can call:

Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline
0800 027 1234

Rape Crisis Scotland
08088 010302

or click on:

Scottish Womens Aid

Survivor Scotland

Galop National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline


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